First ordered the use of Islamic calendar. . . . Caliph Omar ibn al-Khattab =============
Did you know that fish sleep and open his eyes because he has no eyelids =============
Did you know that water is a four-fifths of the human brain =============
Did you know that the member who consumes 40% of the blood oxygen is the brain. =============
Did you know that the average person dreams of 1460 once a year =============
Did you know that the first to develop chemistry. . . . Geber =============
Eyes size does not change since birth, but our nose and ears volumetric not depend on growth. =============
Most of the dust inside the house be the result of dead skin that falls from the remnants of its population =============
Creator Tom and Jerry is William Hanna =============
Did you know that the baby's head relative to his body weight is 25% =============
The construction of the first submarine in 1620 =============
Did you know that: the number of verses of the Qur'an is Surah 114? =============
When gorillas her tongue out of her mouth, it means that they are very angry. =============
Indonesian capital Jakarta was formerly known as Batavia =============
There are 11 official languages are supported in South Africa. =============
The first to put points on the letters .. Aldala =============